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  • 11.27.07 "Sarcasm for Grown-Ups" is posted in Friendship, Reflections, Relationships
    • For the longest time I looked at sarcasm as a way of life, but the older I get the more I realize we have to be careful with our words and grow up a little.

      I was on a camping trip earlier this year and made a snide remark about a dear friend of mine, one who has been like a sister to me in the last five years. It led to a couple serious conversations and a vastly improved friendship–one with a little bit gentler teasing. And I now doubly understand:

      A similar thing happened to me not too long ago with my sister. I know her intentions were innocuous, but it struck a chord. And now a serious conversation awaits.

      A love for sarcasm was not something that came to me by chance. (more…)

  • 7.17.07 "Memories of My Melancholy Whores" is posted in Reflections, Relationships, Reviews
    • Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Memories of My Melancholy Whores was not the best of his novels, and in comparison to the others I’ve read (Love in the Time of Cholera and One Hundred Years of Solitude), it was lighter and more casual. Still it sparkled with gems of wit and wisdom throughout. While I wouldn’t recommend this book to everyone, from a personal/psychological /introspective viewpoint, there was a good deal to be gained.

      The book was at times depressing. Like with Love in the Time of Cholera or Goethe’s Sorrows of a Young Werther, unrequited love was an ever-present theme. I know I’ve certainly been through the frustrations of “wanting what you can’t have” or relationship things working out “imperfectly”–and Memories is all about those emotions. One passage on this theme that made me smile (and sniffle):

      For a week I did not take off my mechanic’s coverall day or night, I did not bathe or shave or brush my teeth, because love taught me too late that you groom yourself for someone, you dress and perfume yourself for someone, and I’d never had anyone to do that for. Page 82-83

      It caught me because we’ve all seen how different we are when we’re in love or have lost love. (more…)

  • 7.7.07 "What happened to personal letters?" is posted in Friendship, Reflections, Relationships
    • I was deciding between my blog and my (paper) journal tonight–where to capture the emotion I’m feeling right now? And then it occurred to me that I hadn’t written one of those long, serious, personal letters I used to write all the time. And that just seemed like the right way to let it out.

      I’m fairly outspoken and have friends who listen–so normally I’d just grab the phone and reach out. For how many years has this been possible? I mean, it was always possible, but there was a time when people were generally away from a personal line most of the day, when long distance was expensive, when people had to share phones. That was a time when I would write to my friends to seek out advice, to share a thought, to let out an emotion. No matter whether it was email or paper, it was a very different process.

      It’s not that we can’t write seriously anymore; arguably, it’s easier than ever. (more…)

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