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  • 6.2.08 "Is Perspective Possible in this Insanely Digital World?" is posted in Rant, Reflections, Work & Career
    • I’m working on a trip that may turn into a month of foreign travel.  As much as I’m excited to explore, perhaps it’s more that I just feel stale here.  My life is in front of a computer screen and I need to see things that aren’t measured in pixels.  There are people at the other end of the data, but something gets lost in the binary translation.  That something may be my perspective.

      I listened to an NPR piece the other day discussing how 20% of Americans don’t use the internet at all.  I’d gamble that fewer than half of those who do sign on are regular readers of blogs.  Right now the common wisdom online is that it’s fewer than 1% of a site’s visitors who participate in the conversation.  Well, that fewer than 1% has become my friends of late–and let me just tell you, that’s not the real world.

      It’s actually the fake world.  (more…)

  • 6.5.07 "Commitment" is posted in Rant, Reflections, Work & Career
    • Sometimes I wonder how it is that people can live with themselves. I respect those that have different values and I recognize that we all have our weaknesses–but from where I stand there’s no reason why people say they’ll do things and then don’t. Sometime between birth and eighth grade it became apparent to me that commitments were not to be broken and that there really isn’t much ambiguity–you just do the things you say you’re going to do and there’s nothing more to it.

      Let me make this clear–I’m not talking about attempting things and failing or missing a deadline. I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions or personal challenges that don’t pan out after a few weeks. And I’m not talking about times when there is a psychological or societal pressure to say something. I’m talking about when things are cut and dry–when you say you’re going to do something and the person you say it to has every reason to genuinely believe that you’ll do it.

      In general the things that bug are me are really small, like saying that one’s going to call (without any prodding on your end for them to) or canceling multiple times for reasons like, “I’ve had a long day.” If I’m making time for someone then I know they’re making time for me, and I’m not going to mess up their day even though it’s not convenient for me.

      One of my all time pet peeves (more…)

  • 3.24.06 "France, what are you doing?" is posted in News, Rant
    • I think the last line of this Washington Post article pretty much sums up the stance of (parts of) a society that just doesn’t get it. Antoil Ethuin, owner of a bike rental shop that was just vandalized by the riots, began his comments on the latest “protests” in Paris…

      “My country is broken,” said Ethuin, gazing at the smoldering automobile carcasses a few yards away and the carpet of glass shards, broken dishes and computer pieces covering the sidewalk in the heart of one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods. “I never imagined I would ever see this in Paris.”

      But this last sympathetic addition of his is what truly scares me:

      “They have no jobs,” he said. “It’s not their fault.”

      I don’t usually express my political or economic opinions online…but not attributing fault to the most ironic display of violence France has seen this century worries me that the country doesn’t recognize where it’s headed or what’s to blame.

      What do I mean by irony? (more…)

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