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  • 9.30.07 "101 years old. It’s Birthday Time." is posted in Quote/Lyric, Reflections
    • This Monday marked the seventh year that Ian and I have visited the grave on his birthday, exactly a week before mine, 5 days after my sister’s, and the same week as L’s and K’s. F Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24th, 1896, and Jason, Ian, (and a series of girl/friends), and I have visited almost every year on this day since college started.

      F Scott Fitzgerald’s gravestone

      Sometimes tradition is who you are, sometimes it’s who you were… but it always brings you to that place somewhere in between. It’s like how when you visit family it’s easy to regress to childhood roles. Hanging out with Ian, reading This Side of Paradise aloud, it was so easy to dip in and out of college and the nostalgia of those days. (more…)

  • 4.6.06 "Quotes & Ideas" is posted in Poetry, Quote/Lyric, Reflections
    • I remember back in 1995 when I first took a (2 week) class in philosophy. At the time I was getting over why some girl wasn’t into me, and reading about determinism & fatalism for the first time just made sense. Since then ideas have always helped me to reconcile certain states of mind.

      I got an email from my father recently that further explained why he was captured by a particular ideological movement through much of his twenties. He explained that it provided answers to many nagging questions about how he ought to treat people, why certain atrocities had taken place, and much of who he hoped to be.

      It never ceases to fascinate me the way that ideas and beliefs can bring peace and resolution (or the exact opposite) to so many situations. Lately I must confess that I’ve been fairly far from philosophy, but I do believe that literature, articles, poetry, speeches, or even simple quotes can prove just as influential. To spare you from too many drawn out ideas, I want to mention a few quotes with meanings that have left a mark.

      My father always used to tell me, “you can’t burn the candle at both ends.” Then at some point early in college I read the related poem:

      My candle burns at both ends:
      It will not last the night;
      But, ah, my foes, and, oh, my friends–
      It gives a lovely light
      (Edna Saint Vincent Millay)

      Now I realize just how much I enjoy late nights and full mornings…and will continue to enjoy that light.

      In college my sister was teased by her then-boyfriend about the way she held a spoon. Soon after she and I realized that (more…)

  • 2.24.06 "Off my soap box…" is posted in Quote/Lyric, Reflections
    • I have a tendency to list out more reasons than necessary when expressing my opinion. Then I get off of my soap box and get back on my way. Today when I got off my soap box about the poor foresight of a client’s pricing strategy I decided to look up the origin of the term. Here’s a great explanation (more…)

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