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  • 7.14.07 "Emily & Mike Dancing — my first youtube video" is posted in Dance, Photos, Too, Reflections
    • So I gave in and got a new camera. So far I’ve taken a lot of pictures and videos. There’ll be more later on the camera decision and my revised thoughts on why I’m taking photos. In the mean time, here’s the first clip that I’ve posted online (well, my first streamed clip). It was also my first experience with Windows Movie Maker–and I must say it was super painless to rotate the video and give it a title.

      As for the characters in the video, they’re Emily and Mike. Emily is one of my favorite people (we used to stay out late dancing every Wednesday…those were the days). Mike is her boyfriend and also one of the most creative dancers I know. This film was taken at Glen Echo on Friday the 13th. There’s nothing particularly special about the video (Mike & Emily are even better when they’re performing) but I just wanted to try this out and capture a fun dance.

      vlogged by WP Video Blogger / hosted by YouTube

      It turns out that I’m going to have to update WordPress to fully support YouTube embeds, and hopefully to solve the issue of the ugly white border on the video…

  • 3.13.06 "Touch, Dance, and Confidence" is posted in Dance, Reflections
    • I recently enjoyed a posting on teaching dance to kids that Kate shared with me. The posting discussed some of the common benefits of teaching dance as an alternative activity for youth, but in particular it pointed out how dance is a safe way for kids to find touch:

      At their core, the teens I know crave touch, they crave contact, they crave intimacy. But they are also often confused and frightened, unsure of how to ask for what they really want, afraid of losing control or of being violated. The lesson of ballroom dance, whether it has its origins in the tropics or in Viennese salons, is that with practice and with respect we can learn to touch each other safely. We learn to move not only in response to our own needs, but in response to the needs of our partner.

      As someone who has taught parter-dance (swing, salsa, ballroom, etc) to children & adults, danced for about seven years, and had many a conversation on the topic…I must say the posting is right on the money. Not only does dance help to create intimacy (more…)

  • 9.13.01 "Natural Talent?" is posted in Dance, Reflections
    • I wonder whether “natural talent only gets us so far” or “we can only get so far until we take advantage of natural talent”? (more…)

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