Flipping the car sideways

image Every once in a while perspective completely changes.  The things for which you’re working so hard seem to mean little.  Something else has fully consumed your focus, and you simply can’t escape.

It’s as if there are different worlds.  Not just another group of friends or returning from work to home, but another life’s out there.

Sometimes it comes from a full immersion in another culture.  Sometimes it’s that point when you realize your value system is so rooted in one context.  Sometimes it’s when you fall deeply for someone—friend or more.

I’ve always been a fan of having different groups of friends.  Different activities.  Incorporating play into every day.  But there’s a difference between shifting gears and flipping the car sideways.

I think my perspective has flipped a few times in the past couple months.  Travel and people will change you, if you let them.  I’m very deeply immersed in my social media + AwayFind + SET Consulting + tech world, but that’s just one world.  And if I don’t flip the car from time to time I don’t think I’ll ever really have traction in reality.

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