Highlights and Hopes

Every year I look back and say, “wow, so much happened…but now I’m poised for this big thing.” Well that’s once again the case (this time it’s AwayFind). 2007 was a fun and busy year both with friends and work, and 2008 will be even more packed with trips and new people.  But to look forward, it’s often best to look back…and that’s what I’m writing about here with some highlights and hopes.  Do you have any interesting resolutions for the new year?


In no particular order, these are the things that a few years from now when I look back I’ll want to remember.  All of them were things that in some way shaped who I was this year.  If one of these relates to you, thank you for being a part of that memory.

  • AwayFind – building a web application
  • Book Clubs – learning so much, even more from the people
  • Crested Butte – Galt’s Gulch, and the start of a tradition for me
  • DC Tech Community – like-minded geeks and entrepreneurs
  • Dinner Parties – company from my different circles, at the house
  • Dover MA – a good place to be from
  • Four Hour Workweek – I should shut up about it, but this book changed me
  • Surrogate Girlfriend – Having a best friend and good company


Every year my hope is some cross between balance and ambition–running more, entertaining more, saving, developing a more routine schedule, etc.  But over the course of the year reasons that I can’t predict tend to change my focus.  Still, as of now here are some things I hope for:

For my sanity and social life:

  • A sense of completion on a daily basis
  • To buy fewer books (and better figure out what I should be reading for fun and work)
  • A trip abroad
  • To entertain every other month

For my work and dreams:

  • 5000 users of AwayFind by 2009
  • To be invited to speak at a national, non-local conference
  • To have someone else handle the majority of sales and proposals for SET projects
  • To blog (or have someone else working with me to blog) three times per week (mostly on technotheory.com)

As I started this list I didn’t think it would turn out to be so specific.  Do you have any specific hopes for 2008?

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