Seeking Fulfillment

A while back I read Gregg Easterbrook’s The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse, and he talked a lot about “choice anxiety”–which he defined as “the transition from people being so constrained by social forces that they [feel] trapped, to the current situation of having so many options that choice itself becomes a source of anguish.” I feel like I have so many options in front of me and that it’s as daunting as it is liberating. I need to make some decisions.

The first half of this summer was filled to the gills with activities and general merriment. It was light but fun. The second half has been about big decisions, planning ahead, and a slight ennui from the ephemeral. That is, busyness is no path to fulfillment. And I’m itching to grow or grow something.

I have four software products I would give anything to launch, one of which I’m seriously moving toward. I’m very curious if Tim Ferriss’ ideas for automation will be sufficient tools for me to make my existing business mobile enough to spend serious time living abroad. And then there’s determining how much time to spend in the various dance, tech, book, and business communities where I spend my evenings…

For anyone who doesn’t believe that it’s possible to reach out and make something happen, I think they’re just not looking hard enough for the pieces. The trickiest puzzles have the most pieces and it takes a lot of trial and error to identify the right ones. It’s tempting to just stick with the parts that are already formed, especially when they present a nice picture. But searching around for those other pieces, and putting them together seems so much more fulfilling to me. For a long time I’ve been coasting and some changes are in order

So here’s my commitment right now. I’m going to work on two things: to launch a fairly involved software productivity application and to make my existing business completely mobile. It’s not impossible. I hope you’ll consider what decisions will help you to piece together a more fulfilling picture…

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