New Photos, New Camera, New Memories

Earlier, I wrote that photography was beginning to pass me by. I didn’t know if it was disinterest in capturing the memories or a lack of faith in the accuracy of photographing them…but, chicken or egg, I’ve caved in and changed all that.

I’ve been entertaining a lot this year, and borrowing friends’ cameras just wasn’t cutting it. I vacillated between an SLR and a tiny body, and decided on the latter (no comment). It fit with my minimalist tendencies, but more importantly it removed a physical barrier from keeping it on me nearly all the time. And, thanks to the amazing advances in technology–you can really take some awesome pictures with even the most tiny devices.

I opted for the Canon SD800 IS after reading this Wired review and some other research. I love its wide lens, crystal-clear pictures, and high quality videos. But enough about that…

I don’t know that my eyes are any more open, but I am happier knowing that I’ve captured some good times. Click on for some new pictures:

Scroll through all my recent pics (it’s three screens’ worth)

New “friend” pictures:

Pictures from a recent Screen on the Green picnic:
Screen on the Green

Julie & Chris’ Wedding Pictures:

And from the 5th Anniversary Company Sushi Party:
Sushi Party

It feels good to be shooting photos again. So far most of these pictures have been of people. But I’ve only had the camera for a week. In the next couple hopefully I’ll start looking around at the rest of the world, too.

(Oh, and if you’d like to see some of the videos, you can see a couple of them at my youtube page.)

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