Stairway with a View

About 5 months ago I wrote about vehicles and destinations—about how it can be hard to know whether you’re trying to get somewhere to be there, or just trying to achieve one more step on a stairway that may never reach the top. Now I have more direction in some areas and a little more light to shed on the topic.

I do have some goals right now. It’s not as simple as “employee, house, dog,” but it’s something like that. I would like to have David doing more work for me and bring some other people on board. I would like to buy a house that I can rent out in DC. I would like a dog. And someday I would like to go to law school, hopefully as a business expense. But I look at these goals without forgetting about the present. I think of this whole process a little differently.

It’s got to be about a stairway with a view: each step will not get you closer to something, but it’ll make the view of it all a little nicer. The view of life is more colorful when there’s love, family, financial security, pets, motivating work, educational growth, hobbies, etc.

Some experiences we have are completely transitory. Others improve or clarify the view of everything else—lifting both our spirits and our awareness. Steps of the latter variety are on the stairway with a view.

So even though part of me feels like I have a five year plan, with the next goal being able to afford a house in DC, I’m not really worried about getting there just yet. Right now I’ve already climbed fairly high and the view isn’t so bad. Someday I’ll hopefully have lots more in the kaleidoscope, like kids and maybe a nice spot by the water…but it doesn’t have to be about one end-all-be-all with no intermediates. As a matter of fact, there are some things you can only see at certain levels.

The trick is to figure out where you are and what’s worthwhile and unique about that view. Then, if it’s the right time, start figuring out how to make the view better…but do it in a way that won’t obscure too much of the present scenery. Or, at least, that’s how I’d do it.

Just remember to hang onto the railing…

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