In anticipation, fear, and clear thinking.

I don’t believe in a soulmate. I think of love as a product of time, compatibility, and passion. Two and a half years into my relationship I’m as in love as I’ve ever been and more in love than ever with another. Is she the one? Well, she’s a rare girl who really complements me and has maintained my interest for quite some time.

I’ve looked at my relatives this Thankgiving break–the aunts, uncles, cousins, and parents I’ve grown up with. They are flawed people like the rest of us who work hard to keep each other happy, succeeding much of the time.

With or without the juxtaposition, I’m very proud of the way Kim and I communicate; I’ve never met anyone as patient and willing to share. Alas, we’re both young, and she’s three years younger. It’s times like this I wish life weren’t such a precarious occupation. (As FLB put it, “Love is a dangerous angel”)

So here I am at one of the many post-college cross roads. I don’t believe that Kim is the only one…or that anyone is. I’m willing to stick it out through the distances ahead and our diverse ambitions. But while most cats survive, not all relationships can handle the curiosity of the unknown.

At this crossroad, Dear and dear reader, there is not one right answer. I plan my life around my love, but I just don’t know what is right and wrong this time. Could we make it forever? Perhaps. Are we the best couple for the journey? I’ve grown skeptical of a single answer in my young dotage. No 20-something philosopher turned-entrepreneur can answer that question. Can you?

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