Flipping the car sideways

image Every once in a while perspective completely changes.  The things for which you’re working so hard seem to mean little.  Something else has fully consumed your focus, and you simply can’t escape.

It’s as if there are different worlds.  Not just another group of friends or returning from work to home, but another life’s out there.


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Anchored Beauty

I guess it goes without saying that we’re a product of our pasts, and that we take those experiences with us to whatever comes next.  What’s not so obvious is that it’s okay to change course, suddenly.

Then again, nothing really ever happens suddenly, but when we have years of momentum behind us, shifting course just a little can feel sudden, like tossing an anchor with engines at full throttle.  First you drag the anchor and soon you come to a halt.

I think I was dragging for some time, but now I’m stopped.  I’ve been looking around, seeing just how much there is to take in when there’s a view in every direction.  So much to aspire to, so much to observe, so much to avoid.


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Slowing Me Down

I’m in Iceland just now and my trip is moving slower than I’d like.  But that’s because I move faster than I’d like.

I don’t think I’m going to ever find the elusive and ever-glorified balance, but surrounding myself with other perspectives (less hurried ones) helps to kick me in the knees, which of course slows my  running, at least temporarily.

Through photos and a clip, I offer you slowing down, Iceland style.

A carefree 8-year old Noi.  And when you don’t speak the same language, curiosity is that much more apparent.


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